Launchpad is an exciting learning programme which takes place each Friday afternoon in Terms 2 - 5. All our pupils in Y3 - Y6 participate in Launchpad, which consists of a series of workshops based on the core principles of developing the key skills of communication, collaboration and raising self esteem.

There are three distinct Launchpad areas and all the workshops fall within one of these:

  • Enterprise and Life Skills
  • Research and Presentation
  • Healthy Living


The children complete four workshops in total during the academic year, they choose one from each area plus an additional one from their favourite section. Examples of workshops on offer are Film Studies, paper quilling, drama, photography, cycling proficiency, ukele, plus a wide range of sport and dance workshops. All the school staff are involved in Launchpad, which takes place for an hour on Friday afternoon.

We are also indebted to many local organisations who have supported and run workshops, including Fitzharrys, John Mason and Larkmead Schools, Abingdon and Witney College.



TERM DATES FOR 2017/2018